Arts Attack General Information

Happy 2023-2024 Arts Attack Volunteers,

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Arts Attack JFS PTA-sponsored program.  Your child’s teacher will send out a flyer in August to sign up for her/his Arts Attack Team for teachers participating in the program.  These enjoyable volunteering opportunities include 1 Arts Attack Parent Lead (approximately 6 hours per month) and 1-2 Arts Attack Parent Helpers (approximately 3 hours per month).  Hours consist of preparing for the activity and in-class art lessons. Each team is assigned a designated teacher from Sept – June for that academic year.  

The Arts Attack program uses a fun, creative, process-oriented teaching approach.  Its goal is to develop student creativity, and dexterity, expose students to different art concepts and art techniques, visual problem solving, and communication skills.   The Art lessons are parent volunteer lead which allows teachers to focus on other classroom agenda items.  A Lead parent volunteer will be your Point of Contact to coordinate with the other parent volunteers to propose lessons, prepare material for each lesson and host the one-hour monthly/bi-monthly class.

The fun and creative lessons are performed monthly in your teacher’s classroom or STEAM Lab (discuss with your teacher). Some teachers have inspiring theme projects already in mind. While others allow the freedom of exploring.  For inspiration, there are wonderful binders/videos with lesson plans by grade level available for viewing in the Arts Attack Closet and the internet has a wealth of ideas.  Supplies are located in the Arts Attack Closet and STEAM Lab (minus teacher supply sections/off-limits).  

 Our timeline is to have the teacher’s teams completed by August-September. Volunteers will be offered a brief orientation along with an email to connect the teacher’s team to the selected teacher for an initial meeting.  This meeting is to discuss monthly recurring dates, times, her/his ideas, etc.  Ideally love the lessons to begin in September/October.   

Let the arts begin,