Enriching the JFS Educational Experience for Our Children

STEAM Program

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The mission of the PTA STEAM Program is to enable and enhance exposure to STEM-based learning at JFS. We do this via three main pathways:


Over the last two years, thanks to the donations of time and money by members of the PTA, we have been able to establish a STEAM Lab in the A-Wing. The Lab is made available during school hours to all classes and grade-levels for age-appropriate activities that support the curriculum. In the Lab, the students’ have access to the latest technologies, such as USB STEMscopes and 3D printers.

STEAM Enrichment Activities

This program will also design, plan, and support activities that would facilitate additional learning. In recent years, this has included hosting virtual, easy-to-follow experiments, funding a teacher-led after-school robotics classes, as well as host activities in the STEAM Lab.

Science “Closet”

Over the years the PTA has been contributing time and funds to stock the JFS Science Closet. The “Closet” (now combined with the Lab supplies) includes the kits needed for class labs, such as dissections for the 5th graders and owl pellets for the 2nd grade. Filled with materials to enhance the learning of Science in the classroom, the Science Closet has been an asset to the teachers and students of JFS.

For interest or questions, please contact our STEAM Program Lead: April Yan and Deepa Gopalakrishnan.

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