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Position Descriptions

Board Positions and Job Descriptions

The listed job descriptions are from the California PTA Website. JFS PTA does not include all of these positions, nor are all of our positions listed here. 

President – coordinate and oversee officers and committees; preside at meetings; appoint the committee chairs, corresponding secretary & parliamentarian; be the official representative at council/district meetings; etc etc etc.

Vice President (Membership) – is the membership Chairman who aids the President as needed

Recording Secretary – keep a log of meeting minutes; prepare a list of unfinished business and action items for the President and Board; can authorize payments; keep a list of PTA members, bylaws copy, rules, etc (record keeper of the executive board)

Corresponding Secretary – notify officers of appointments; send out notices and agendas regarding meetings; any additional correspondence needed

Treasurer – keep accounts/records; oversee budget; deal with the bank; receive monies from the financial secretary; keep deposit slips; remit dues and fulfill warrants; handle insurance and taxes; give financial report annually to association and treasurer report monthly

Financial Secretary – give receipt for monies received and keep receipts; present monthly report & annual report to association; any other duties delegated

Auditor – prepare midyear audit in January (present in Feb to exec board and March to GA) and end of year audit in July (present in Aug to Exec board and Sept to GA) – forward copies to Evergreen council; verify on audit report for insurance, tax etc

Historian – assemble & preserve record of achievements, activities and volunteer hours; keep items relevant to history of the organization; assist President with associations annual report

Parliamentarian – give advice on parliamentary procedure when requested; call the first meeting of and advise nominating committee; chair bylaws review committee annually

Additional PTA Support Positions:
Volunteer coordinator
Technology liaison
Extracurricular program coordinator

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