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Book Fair

Book Fair Time!!

The JFS Book Fair will be held April 24 – April 28.

Many volunteers are needed for this event. Please sign up to help set-up, during the event, or for packing up the books.
Click on the button below to pick a spot.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com


Save The Date! This year our Carnival will be on June 1st, 2017.

Time: 5:00 to 8:00 PM
Volunteer to be part of the biggest JFS celebration of the year!
Contact Deepa Kamepalli at deepabathala@gmail.com


You Can Make a Difference at JFS by Joining the PTA


The JFS PTA Nomination Committee is looking to fill various open positions on the PTA Board in the next school year 2017 – 2018. This is a great opportunity to put your energy and talent to make a BIG difference at JFS!  All those interested will be considered but please contact us as soon as possible before all positions are filled!  Click here to view open positions. For more information on open positions and to find out how you can help, please contact the committee members below.

Linda Ha – lindamha@gmail.com
Linley Toro – linley31@gmail.com
April Yan – april.yan@gmail.com
Sterling Larnerd – sterlinglarnerd@yahoo.com



2017 CalChess State Scholastic Tournament

JFS kids participated in 2017 CalChess tournament and won trophies under their respective sections. They got the first chess trophy for JFS!!


JFS students participated in one of the biggest chess tournaments with 1200+ players, held
at Santa Clara Convention Center.

Saharsh Kamma got 6th place under   K-6 (u500) individuals by winning 4 out of 5 games.
Ritwin Narra got 12th place under K-6 (u500) individuals by winning 4 out of 5 games.
Ashwit Mathur
got 21st place under K-6 JV(500-799) individuals by winning 3 out of 5 games.
JFS Beginners Team (Saharsh Kamma,  Ritwin Narra, Rhea Narra, Max Larnerd)
won 3rd place under  K-6 (u500)
JFS Rookie Team (
Arjun Monie, Michael Gonikberg, Diya Kapoor, Darsh Gottam, Ryan Ngo,
Anuhya Gottam) won 6th place under  K-6 Rookie

BAC Club (Ashwit Mathur) won 1st Place under K-6 JV(500-799) Club

BAC Club (Ritwin Narra) won 2nd place under K-6 (u500) Club 

More info can be found http://bayareachess.com/static/pairings/states1day/index.html


Congrats to our 2016 – 2017 Odyssey of the Mind
Team Students and Coaches!


 Our JFS team won 1st place in Silicon Valley regionals this year. Our team competed in Level 2 for the first time. This is meant for Grades 6 to 8. But, since 2 of the kids are Grade 6, the whole team has to move to level 2. Kids performed so well and they crushed other teams including 8th graders (defending state champions / world finals contenders).

Catch Us If You Can

Division II

Team Members

Aayush Vemuri (6th Grade)
Ashwit Mathur (4th Grade)
Esha Wanzakhade (5th Grade)
Ritwin Narra (4th Grade)
Reya Yeddula (6th Grade)
Shrishti Roy (5th Grade)

Sumit Roy & Sudhakar Vemuri

 Spreading Kindness at JFS

Ms. Ortega and the PTA are encouraging and acknowledging kindness and compassion at school. Thirty-three of our dedicated and enthusiastic student Peacemakers, teachers, and staff are going on “patrol” to catch students being kind. Students will be awarded with stickers and some students who display stand up and heartfelt acts of kindness will be written up on a ticket which will be posted on our bulletin board. Our campaign for the next couple of weeks will include random acts of kindness activities and a Kindness Box where students can anonymously write others a complimentary letter. We hope that our Kindness Campaign will cultivate that feel-good emotion in each of our students and to inspire them to be more kind, more often, at school and in their everyday lives.

Ask your child, “What kind act did you do today?”


Reflections Image

Winners For REFLECTIONS 2016-17 Evergreen District

Exciting news! We have 5 students from JFS who won the competition in their respective categories at the District level. This is the highest number of entries from a single school to have found Winners! The District level entries will now compete at the State level. Final results will be announced by May 2017.
Here are the Winners!
Dhyana Desai (1st Grade, Mrs. Cacciaroni) for Visual Arts
Ahaana Baheti (3rd Grade, Mrs. Hart) for Dance Choreography
Donovan Ly (4th Grade, Mrs. Noyes) for Literature
Rin Homma (6th Grade) for  Film Production
Nathan Ly – Photography

Two JFS students make it to State Level competition! Congratulations!

Ahaana Baheti – 3rd grade (Choreography) & Donovan Ly – 4th grade (Literature) have gone on to the next round of competition, moving from District to State Level. Great job Ahaana and Donovan!!!

For any questions, please email Sonali @ bahetisonali@gmail.com.
Thank you & a big pat on the back to all participants!

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