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Multicultural Night Volunteers Are Needed! Sign up today!

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We will have a Costume Parade showcasing the richness and diversity of traditional attire around the world. If interested, please sign up your child here: http://signup.com/go/yfvMJBN. For more questions/ concerns, please email Sonali at bahetisonali@gmail.com or Deepa at deepabathala@gmail.com.

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Happy New Year to you all and your family! 
We are happy to let you know that JFSPTA have received a thank you note from the Montgomery Elementary School Students, Staff and Parents. They appreciate the gifts donated by the JFS Families as a part of Family Giving Tree. Please see the attached pictures of the flowers and thank you note. They will be displayed in the office. Please stop by the office and take a look. 
Thanks once again for your generosity!

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