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Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone

Join this award winning program that uses children’s literature to share concepts of respect, interpersonal competence, self-confidence, empathy, integrity, equality, social justice, honesty, and responsibility.

Get to know your child and their classmates on a deeper level as they discuss their feelings, hopes, joys and fears while building character and life skills.

Keep up to date and join the JFS Project Cornerstone Facebook page! Share and post your experiences!

For more information on this program please contact Sterling Lernard or Alice Trieu


Project Cornerstone Volunteer Website Instructions

How to create a volunteer profile
1. Go to www.projectcornerstone.org
2. Click on Volunteer tab at top of page.
3. Choose Application.
4. Use the search pull down to search for school district in the first box, and then JF Smith in the 2nd box.
5. Click Volunteer Application.
6. All Project Cornerstone volunteer opportunities are listed on this page, you can just ignore all of it.
7. Click Sign-up.
–> Create username under I am new to my myVolunteerPage.com (write down this username, you will need this username in the future to log your reading hours.)
8. Enter Email Address , enter email address to verifty.
9. Click the Organizational Policy, , review it, close.
10. Click SAVE and Continue.
11. Create your profile here, name, address, phone number, etc…any field that has an “*” must be filled. (address: “2220 Woodbury Lane”)
12. Create a password.
13. Click SAVE and Continue.
14. Complete Volunteer Application. 
15. Then you will be taken to a page full of volunteer opportunies and interests, fill it out or I choose to ignore it.
16. Under Qualification for Assets 101 choose one of the following:
 * Have not Completed 
* Completed
Note: The Qualification for Assets 101 is the same new Volunteer training that is set for next Wednesday 9/3/2014 in the GATE room.
17. Click Save and Continue.
18. Click Log out.


How to Log hours:
1. Go to myvolunteerpage.com   (Bookmark this page!)
2. Log in using your volunteer username and password
3. The first time you log back in, click the Confirm Now button on the right side of the page.
4. Click Hours Log tab.
5. Choose your activity (Reading or Training) from the pull down menu

  • I read in a classroom – choose Reading ABC Reader
  • I attended a training – choose Training – School Site Training

6. Complete questions (questions differ based ont he activity chosen)
7. Log out (red button on the top right side).

Project Cornerstone is a series of programs developed by the YMCA, to “empower young people, parents, and school staff to improve school climate and create vibrant, caring communities of learners.” The JFS PTA has partnered with the YMCA to bring the Asset Building Champions (ABC) program from Project Cornerstone to JFS. Parent volunteers visit the classroom on a monthly basis to read selected books and lead activities that teach valuable lessons. It is our hope that these stories and lessons will build upon our children’s assets: Integrity, Achievement, Dealing with Bullies, Responsibility, Motivation, and Commitment. For each lesson your child will be sent home with a summary of the lesson and “conversation starters” that can help you share important information with your child at home.

For more information about the program contact the PTA Chairs or visit the YMCA website here: www.projectcornerstone.org

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