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Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad 2017- 2018

Registration for Math Olympiad is now closed.
If you have any questions, please contact MO Chair Nanitha at ynanitha@gmail.com.

JFS 2016 – 2017

Math Olympiad ceremony

Math Olympiad got finished by congratulating outstanding students during MO Award Ceremony for the school year 2016-17. Both teams with 4th, 5th and 6th  graders had 5 exams, 5 questions each totaling with highest possible score of 25.

  • Congrats to Ritwin Narra, Michael Yang and Aniketh Malyala, for receiving the top 3 cumulative scores from their respective teams. They received highest scorer trophies and goldpins.
  • An extra congrats to Ritwin Narra (4th Grade) & Michael Yang (6th Grade) for achieving a perfect score on all 5 exams!!!!!! They received George Lenchner Award, a special medallion as well.
  • Also congrats to Nolan Zhou, Suhaas Surapaneni, Aayush Vemuri, Nishanth Tharakan and Ritu Belani for receiving gold pins which are awarded to students in the top 2% worldwide. Congrats to Anish Shukla for receiving silver pin and was placed in top 10%.



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